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Things Your Birth Month Reveals About You

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Text Comments (61407)
Vern Mckenzie (1 minute ago)
Malik Ammar (1 hour ago)
I am june and.rhe opposite
acerian 488 (1 hour ago)
Its true about march
Zanya Rivers (1 hour ago)
I am a March babyyyy
Team Spinach Gaming (2 hours ago)
November squad Like if you were born in November
Pleh Meh (2 hours ago)
Were is may SQUAD!!! Were attractive
Emogene VanNiekerk (3 hours ago)
Pinky Artz (3 hours ago)
Wow👏👏 this tells me nothing about my personality
Nawaal Rizvi (5 hours ago)
Bro i was borned in may and i failed in maths
Alayna Harris (2 hours ago)
XD #novembersquad🤗
My month dose not relate to me
Inquisitor Master (6 hours ago)
Im in December
I'm June I cry when people are rude! I'm pretty smart ;-;
Tristin Williams (6 hours ago)
marchh babyy
GuenAgain (12 hours ago)
Who Else feels like they're the exact opposite of their month
Kulbahadur Gha (12 hours ago)
I am january My classmate calls me teacher stg matched here
Lovely Bri (12 hours ago)
I’m a may baby’s I HATE MATH THO🤢🤤 IM MORE OF A JUNE BUT OK 🤷🏾‍♀️
Alayna Harris (2 hours ago)
Maybe you were born in june but no one told you dun dun dun! #novembersquad🤗
katrina paige (12 hours ago)
I a august baby
Natonia Hall (13 hours ago)
I’m August and that is very to true about me I love to laugh and make other people laugh 🌚
Jacquelin Diaz (13 hours ago)
I was born in may but i am not attractive and i am realy bad at math but u have great dreams
Jacquelin Diaz (13 hours ago)
March its suga froom bts birthday
wah lue (13 hours ago)
I ain’t independent that much though but I probably am beautiful
Alayna Harris (2 hours ago)
I dont need help with anyrhing! #novembersquad🤗
Aras Aras (13 hours ago)
Soooo trueu
Aras Aras (13 hours ago)
Who just skipped to the months....♡☆☆☆♡
Leeanna Kimbel (14 hours ago)
Aaishah :D (14 hours ago)
lOl February describe me so much and is true about everything about me
Galaxy Girl (14 hours ago)
yay i was born on april yassssssssssss if u were born on april like
Easton Loseke (15 hours ago)
Fire Wolf (15 hours ago)
Where's my January squad at
Fire Crystal (16 hours ago)
...is it weird I feel as if I'm all of them...?
Alayna Harris (2 hours ago)
Yes yes it is
Trinity Caldwell (16 hours ago)
They actually have it right for me! I was born in May! I am very good at math and science! They just forgot to put that some people born in May are creative! ( my b-day is May 8!)
Taraji Boucard (17 hours ago)
My birthday is in April
wolfmary 1515 (17 hours ago)
Also march is VERY accurate👍👍👍👍
wolfmary 1515 (17 hours ago)
Why did you use zodiac signs for months? 😑
Alexandra Bilaine (17 hours ago)
Everything is right 😯I’m so soke
Tunrayo Akinola (19 hours ago)
I'm a June baby!!!
Preeti Landa (19 hours ago)
Its so true😇😂 like if u agree
Tabo Tanveer (19 hours ago)
My crush was born on May and this is so true about him!! But I was born in September and I'm like a mix of Febuary AND September. ( This makes sense for my crush but not me? Why tho????????? )
Samantha Tan (20 hours ago)
OMG my brother is a july baby he is older than me and he can roast me so quickly
Kyla Smith (20 hours ago)
Where my March team at
Imogen Gill (20 hours ago)
I'm in 1:50 Click to know when I'm born!
Ivey Kidder (20 hours ago)
I was bro septimber 11 2008
Zarma Gacha (20 hours ago)
I was born in April...It’s the complete opposite of me....
SmilewithMe (20 hours ago)
this video is truth because i have birthdya in march and i actually hide my true personallity
Azraa Ebrahim (21 hours ago)
2:47 Bts Omg ❤❤❤❤❤❤ ARMY
Za Uk (22 hours ago)
im born in november and its true my cousins brother is born in november too my birthday comes after his bithday
hope Al Turairi (22 hours ago)
i was born in November but all of those are not rue
Cookie Crazy (23 hours ago)
I was born in July
krazykooplayz Gacha (23 hours ago)
Im a December baby yet im shy i have no friends im lazy but organized and hate attention.
Exxotik (1 day ago)
Nothing this is shit and my bro was born in feb and hes stupid
Arlyne Parreno (1 day ago)
This is offensive but true mah bday is NOVEMBER😅😪😅😅😅😫😫😫😡🤬
Alayna Harris (17 hours ago)
Me to but to be honest im a little stubbern
Sharon Tamang (1 day ago)
What i am born at may
Alyanzii (1 day ago)
Who were born exactly 12 midnight?? Because i am Im Taurus
ItzKatie Blinkle (1 day ago)
July baby
Senior Benefits (1 day ago)
I am August
Panda Girl (1 day ago)
I'm January but it's not me I'm not stubborn and I don't really like to teach people
jacob the noob (1 day ago)
Im feb 14 so im aqauriuse p.s i dont know how to spell that
Lebo Nxumalo (1 day ago)
That's actually true. I was born in march and I am shy and kind although being kind and my personality is hidden. My boyfriend was born in June. He is a soft spoken guy, he is a sesitive guy, Cary and always want to make someone happy. My mom was born in April and she is a hard worker and never wants to have a day of rest. Both of my sisters were born in January and they are both stubborn, and like teaching others. My brother was born in August he likes to be in the lead in everything
I’m dec it true
BELIPLAYZ YT (1 day ago)
February squad where ya at?
Lesly ;p (1 day ago)
March is actually sassy
Flying Unicorn (1 day ago)
Alayna Harris (17 hours ago)
Miss Random (1 day ago)
I'm born in MAY!😄
Adam Hernandez (1 day ago)
I was born on March
I’m a January NOT TRUE! My mom says I’m responsible no one in my family says I’m bossy or stubborn! Well anyways the part where it says they observe and like to teach others that is very true for me! I taught my four yr old sister photosynthesis! She’s very smart LIKE ME! Lol not really I’m dumb
Dahlia Cortés (1 day ago)
If everthing he said about april about me is true im very strong i'm allways on a rush
Alayna Harris (17 hours ago)
To school
Patricia Leal (1 day ago)
July is all me :0
Jennie Quinzliy (1 day ago)
November Squad *I'm pretty stubborn* *And Maybe Independent* .-.
Alayna Harris (17 hours ago)
All those things were true but im artistic #Novembersquad🤗
sarah bland (1 day ago)
My brother was born in March but he's no any of those at all
Kayla Zapata (1 day ago)
My brother and sister are born in January
iiMeadowii (1 day ago)
I'm August I'm a leader and a comedian Edit:its true I love to make people laugh and I'm into leader stuff:D
Im January💜 but i act a little of every mont epecially "sptember" bc i have a kind of ocd behavior but i dont have it.but yea im a winter baby🤞🦄😅
its ari _arianna (1 day ago)
I july
Cinthya Martinez (1 day ago)
Im December
Bun- Bun (1 day ago)
So that's why I roasted my toxic friend so fast. Lol
Bun- Bun (1 day ago)
I'm July btw
Marinelover67 P (1 day ago)
JULY SQUAD Zane why is this true my freinds even agree yes she and my bro is in Agust and he is really Smart for a kid
Cookie Cat (1 day ago)
Yes! March described me perfectly!
Nyla Calderon (1 day ago)
I'm a July born
I'm March and I'm shy so yeah
XoXoCream Butter (1 day ago)
krazys ride (1 day ago)
August like if you August 😏😜
May SQUAD WERE YOU AAAAAT.......nowhere....oh 😭
Lidya Garcia (1 day ago)
za ciang (1 day ago)
I was born in may
Fatma Al-jibouri (1 day ago)
I am November and I want to be GREAT
Alayna Harris (17 hours ago)
Im november too! And all those things where true but im still creative and artistic
Keerah Jennings (1 day ago)
Bro no wonder I’m born in April XD
Ottoz Roblox (1 day ago)
I’m actually very surprised at how accurate this was! My brother was born in May, and he’s very good at math! And I was born in August, and I’m humorous!🤩
Lizzie Leaf (1 day ago)
Where are my May baby's. Like if you are My birthday is May 15
JGRAY VLOGS!!!!!!! (1 day ago)
This is very wrong
Alissa’s World (1 day ago)
February gang wya
Tony Ti (1 day ago)
I’m a leap year baby
Victoria Thompson (1 day ago)
I'm in MAY
XxGacha KelsixX (1 day ago)
2:53 July Also thats bts my fav kpop group
Sophia Champagne (1 day ago)
Yay!! Im smart /may.
Where us may
Kaitlyn Northwood (1 day ago)
Im an april baby
Ola Williams (1 day ago)
December shock
Sofia Acebedo (1 day ago)
jan 0:10 feb 0:33 mar 0:59 apr 1:26 may 1:49 jun 2:19 jul 2:46 aug 3:08 sep 3:27 oct 3:51 nov 4:15 dec 4:51
Juana Sancen (1 day ago)
I was born in March and everything they said was true
BFF Fun (1 day ago)
March is nothing like me

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